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15 AWESOME Christian Podcasts

“Who’s the genius who decided to do road construction on all three parallel southbound highways causing a massive traffic jam for me each morning?” I screamed while screeching into my parking space at work while bitterness steamed out of my ears.

“An hour to get to work! It’s ABSURD. I might as well take a horse and carriage!”


So maybe there was a little too much of the Duchess from Downton Abbey in me that day.

On paper I am so embarrassed by my #firstworldentitlement. But the struggle is real people. After a few frustrating weeks, an invitation started to break through my anger.

How could you use this time better? Could this be a (gasp) opportunity?

I loaded up my playlists with worship music, audio books and podcasts. Suddenly, built into my day was almost two hours of time to spend with God and read the books I never quite get around to. 1 point for optimistic Sam.

I happen to think Podcasts are the greatest thing in the world… I’m a little obsessed. My all-time favorites include The Moth Podcast and Stuff You Missed in History Class but today I am sharing 15 of my favorite Christian Podcasts in hopes to inspire you to choose more positivity and less “wah, wah, wah!” about the wasted time in your day.

[If you’re looking for an awesome way to engage with Christian Podcasts, definitely check out the FaithPlay app. I LOVE it]




Pray as You Go (Prayer, Scripture)

Pray-as-you-go brings together music, a passage of scripture and a few questions for personal reflection in a 10-13 minute prayer session every day! Not to mention, it’s all spoken in a British accent which will make you feel instantly more sophisticated! Check it out here:

Daily Audio Bible – (Scripture)

If you often feel like you don’t have time to get into the Word, this can be an awesome resource. Each day includes passages from both the new and old testament as well as a Psalm. I have been listening to Brian and this podcast for many years and love it so very much!

Village Church – Matt Chandler – (Sermons)

Author and Speaker Matt Chandler is one of my absolute favorites. His sermons are clear and filled with the Truth I am so often craving. I am currently loving his series on Exodus.

Relevant Podcast – (Music and Interviews)

The Relevant Podcast is an offshoot of Relevant Magazine – one of my favorite publications. The hosts are hilarious and light hearted. They interview big names in the Christian world from Lecrae to Rick Warren to Jefferson Bethke. The episodes are long, sometimes up to 2 hours, but so fun and encouraging.

The Good Word with Steve Weins – (Christian Life)

Steve has an unbelievable ability to notice the divine in everyday moments. From light-hearted stories about his family to in-depth talk about masculinity and feminity, Steve’s Podcast – The Good Word – is like listening to a good friend or mentor encourage you right where you are. I couldn’t love this podcast more.

Building Relationships with Dr. Gary Chapman – (Relationships)

Gary Chapman is that guy who wrote that crazy and life-changing Love Languages book that should be required reading for all humans who interact with other humans. I love this relationships-focused podcast that covers every area of life from friendships to dating to family.

Northpoint Church – (Sermons)

Here’s another one of my favorite church podcasts out of Texas. I love so many of the different series they do and how the really examine a topic. I have been obsessed with their series on happiness. Buck is light-hearted and exploding with truth about the world around us.

Church of the Open Door with Dave Johnson – (Sermons)

The mission statement of this church is to pursue the struggle of becoming fully alive in God and I love that! It’s the first time in my life I’ve heard a church describe faith as a struggle. Their series called “The Way of the Heart,” changed my life.

Proverb 31 Ministries – (Inspiration)

This one was recommended for this list by a one of my best female friends. All the episodes are just 1 minute long and provide a immediate injection of faith and hope around a number of topics from contentment to chaotic schedules.

Mark Driscoll Audio – (Sermons)

Mark Driscoll became a controversial name a few years ago when he was asked to step down as the founding pastor of Mars Hill church. While a number of people were quick to turn on Mark, his he has had more influence on my life and my view of masculinity than any other person on the planet. He is a crazy gifted speaker and teacher.

Crazy Love Podcast with Francis Chan – (Sermons)

Francis Chan is just the man. I admire this guy maybe more than anyone and love his unrelenting message that we are here to go to extremes to love people. This podcast is a continuation of his best selling book “Crazy Love.” While it hasn’t been updated since January 2016, it is a great resource!

Louie Giglio – (Sermons)

For a long time, Louie has been a featured speaker at Chris Tomlin’s concerts. His messages are also often featured on the Air1 Radio Station. This podcast are his messages from Passion City Church.

Max Lucado – (Inspiration)

Max is one of my favorite authors of all-time so it should be no surprise that his podcast is fantastic! This is another podcast where all the episodes are just 1 minute long and super inspirational!

Ask John with John Piper – (Christian Life)

Another one of my all-time favorites, John Piper explores the tough questions of faith like, “how do you pray in public without performing” and “Can we overthink the Christian Life?”. I love how John explores these difficult ideas and provides deep thought all while challenging us to answer the questions for ourselves.

Poddy Break with Tim Hawkins – (Comedy)

Tim Hawkins is a hilarious comedian who is both family-friendly, and ridiculously fantastic. This podcast is mostly just Tim talking about a number of topics with fellow comedians, friends and sometimes, random passersby. Lighthearted and entertaining, this weekly podcast always makes me happier.

Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast – (Leadership)

A few years ago I became obsessed with learning about leadership, so much so that I completed my Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership. I first got to know Craig through his book, “Weird: Because Normal Isn’t Working.” This podcast is a conversation designed to help you make the most of your otential as you work to become the leader God created you to be. Each episode is around 20 minutes and is updated once or twice a month.

Do you have any favorite podcasts that didn’t make the list? Have you listened to these before? Let me know in the comments section below!

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  1. Seeing your situation as an opportunity instead of an obstacle is fantastic. When that road is finished you will miss your morning commute time. 😀
    BTW, I have never listened to a single podcast in my life. *GASP* How I managed to make it almost 30 years without it I don’t know. I love your list though, and I am inspired to listen to my first one.

  2. Northpoint Community Church has great podcasts as well and just the other week Johannes Armritzer from Stockholm, Sweden preached a couple of messages that were phenomenal! They both teach about the power of Grace which is super refreshing!

  3. I have already commented on this once, but I have to thank you. first, you introduced me to podcasts. My life will never be the same.
    Second, I REALLY needed to hear the message in one of these recordings. Thank you.

  4. I already love and listen to half of these, but I also wanted to recommend several because I am obsessed with podcasts as well.

    -Theology in the Raw with Preston Sprinkle– I have only listened to a few of these but I like what I’ve heard.

    -Kris Vallotton’s Podcast– Kris is with Bethel Church in Redding, California, and he is always giving a good word on here.

    -RZIM (“Let My People Think” and “Just Thinking” series)– These two are Ravi Zacharias and he’s excellent. I can only listen to these once in a while because this man is the definition of an intellectual and he makes my brain hurt half the time.

    -The City Church with Judah Smith– Judah is the perfect combination of truth and belly laugh.

    -Bethel Church Sermon of the Week– These sermons are just as groundbreaking as their worship band.

  5. Back to the Bible by Pastor Ron Moore and Messianic Perspectives by Dr. Gary Hedrick are also great podcasts! Both are filled with amazing Godly and Spirit filled insights and have tremendously impacted my life ever since I started listening to them. Give it a try 🙂

  6. Thank you for this list!
    I love listening to podcasts while I clean, but sometimes I find that the content is not what I want my children to be hearing, or even sometimes myself.
    I turned to Google to help me find a family friendly, Christian podcast & it led me to this page!

    So thankful God allowed me to find this. 🙂 I just subscribed to half of these! Lol.

    Thank you again! <3

  7. I never really got into podcasts. I’m only 18 and have always thought they were for older adults or pastors like my dad; he listens to podcast often. but over the holidays, i went on a road trip with a few of my friends and the driver started playing podcasts from Todd White and, at first, i was like what are we listening to?! but then as it plays on and I’m drawn in, i really started to enjoy what I heard. So, to anyone reading this, Todd White is an amazing speaker who words flow from his mouth with radiance and knowledge from the Holy Spirit. His testimony is one of absolutly amazing grace (but isn’t all grace absolutely amazing?).

  8. I am blessed to have a millennial that loves Jesus and the church. She is a constant resource for me of inspiring podcasts. Levi Lusko from fresh life church in Montana and books by Judah Smith and John Comer give me much inspiration and messages to chew on to invoke change. I am happy to see your list and so I might get be able to recommend a few to her. Thanks.

  9. You need some apologetic podcasts. Stand to reason has a bunch, I like Greg Koukl a lot. Unbelievable from the U.K. With Justin Brieley is awesome. He moderates calm, intelligent debates with two sides of an issue (the show is the Christian perspective). Steve Brown etc. is an grumpy old preacher, kind of fun though.

  10. Sermon Audio (Though not only podcasts, it’s a great collection of recorded sermons and podcast ..sermons ?) is a favorite of mine, along with Sheologians (James White’s daughter Summer White and Joy the Girl from Apologia Radio) who talk about all sorts of controversial topics, usually all pertaining to women today and what it means to be a ‘Christian woman’. Apologia Radio is also awesome, though they now have a television show and don’t focus so much on podcasts as they used to, but still get plenty done! ???