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9 Ways to Tell a Better Story With Your Life

[I am fundraising $8,000 through GoFundMe to create 6 more videos about suicide, depression, identity and faith. Donate and Share my Campaign.] I paced nervously behind the black curtain while an awesome local Hip-Hop artist inspired and entertained the audience. Cheers echoed throughout the overflowing auditorium of over 700 people …

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The “We Need You Here” Video Project – GoFundMe

In 2016, nearly 43,000 people in the United States lost their battle with suicidal thoughts. You could fill every seat Target Field and still have 6,000 people out in the streets of the souls we lost just last year. A stadium full of people who couldn’t see their value and …

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9 Questions to Discover Your Calling

When I first found my way back to church at the ripe age of 23, there were a number of Christian phrases that made me feel like a foreign exchange student. Grace, sin, salvation, “saved”. Communion, holy spirit, dedication, spiritual gifts, tongues… I can’t even tell you how many conversations …

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I AM GOING ON TOUR: Will You Help?

Four weeks ago I made a scary and awesome announcement: I launched Recklessly Alive Ministries. (and yes I am still figuring out what all that means). Although the picture continues to come in focus more and more each day. [Click here to read the full post about my ministry launch] …

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