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9 Questions to Discover Your Calling

When I first found my way back to church at the ripe age of 23, there were a number of Christian phrases that made me feel like a foreign exchange student. Grace, sin, salvation, “saved”. Communion, holy spirit, dedication, spiritual gifts, tongues… I can’t even tell you how many conversations …

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I AM GOING ON TOUR: Will You Help?

Four weeks ago I made a scary and awesome announcement: I launched Recklessly Alive Ministries. (and yes I am still figuring out what all that means). Although the picture continues to come in focus more and more each day. [Click here to read the full post about my ministry launch] …

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Perhaps We Were Created for Adventure

Oh my friends, I miss you. You may have noticed my voice has gone somewhat quiet these past few months, the posts coming slower than usual. I have found myself needing to step back and reflect, to spend much more time listening than producing. My purpose has seemed dull and …

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