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How Do You Spot True Leaders In Your Church?

If you’re looking for an example of the perfect Christian—this blog is going to let you down faster than you can say “La La Land wins Best Picture…” If you’re looking for a blog about a guy who never misses church, who never swears, who never screams at God, who …

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9 Reasons Why Following Jesus Can Be So Damn Hard

It’s no secret that my life has been littered with struggle. A quick google search will lead you to discover more about my story than many people learn in years of knowing me. You can read about my dad who left, the false friendships that cut deep, the brush ups …

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13 Ways to REVIVE the Dying American Church

I am a quiet little man from a quiet little town you’ve never heard of. I have absolutely nothing in common with Brad Pitt, Steve Jobs, or any of the other worshiped men of our time. I’ve never been the champion of an impressive sporting event or held any position …

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