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A Keeper of Heartbreak

Making a difference in the world is freaking exhausting. and slow. ant stuck in molasses slow. Putting your most vulnerable truths out into the universe is almost unbearable. and awkward. first day of the middle school swimming unit awkward. Building a ministry out of nothing is painful. and heart-breaking. the …

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The “We Need You Here” Video Project – GoFundMe

In 2016, nearly 43,000 people in the United States lost their battle with suicidal thoughts. You could fill every seat Target Field and still have 6,000 people out in the streets of the souls we lost just last year. A stadium full of people who couldn’t see their value and …

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Happy 1st Anniversary Recklessly Alive Ministries!

Wooooooooooooa Nelly, how is this ministry a year old already? They grow up so fast, ya know? If you only experience me through the words on your computer screen, you might not know I tend to be… overly self-critical, a little obsessively driven,  and slow to celebrate sucess of any …

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I AM GOING ON TOUR: Will You Help?

Four weeks ago I made a scary and awesome announcement: I launched Recklessly Alive Ministries. (and yes I am still figuring out what all that means). Although the picture continues to come in focus more and more each day. [Click here to read the full post about my ministry launch] …

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