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Happy 1st Anniversary Recklessly Alive Ministries!

Wooooooooooooa Nelly, how is this ministry a year old already? They grow up so fast, ya know?

If you only experience me through the words on your computer screen, you might not know I tend to be… overly self-critical, a little obsessively driven,  and slow to celebrate sucess of any kind.

I don’t like the spotlight.
I don’t like to brag about myself.
I like to dream big and fight like halibutto make it happen.

I always want to focus on the future, not the past.

But I know that isn’t the most healthy way to operate. So today I am forcing myself to sit down (an accomplishment in itself) and CELEBRATE all the amazing things that have happened in the past 12 months.

Without further flying confetti… let’s take a look back at:

Ministry Year 1 By the Numbers

  • 30 Blog Posts on RecklesslyAlive.com, JoyPedrow.com, ToSaveaLife.com, FaithIt.com and a featured interview by Milk & Honey Magazine.
  • 1 Mega-Viral post 12 Reasons Millennials Are Over Church viewed and shared over 1,000,000 times and translated into 12 different languages!
  • 1 Flight to Dallas to be a part of the Dallas Theological Seminary Podcast.
  • 1 Partnership with a youth pastor friend to write a bible study for young people on depression and suicide. (Implenting the study in October!)
  • 19 Speaking Events including youth groups, college campuses, a teachers event, our own Come Alive tour, podcasts, radio interviews and even a feature on the TV Program  The 700 Club!
  • 1 Suicide Prevention Video, “Choose to Live,” released in November and viewed over 20,000 times across Facebook and Youtube. The video is also being used in the health curriculum in the school district where I teach!
  • 1 (amazing) Book Publisher working with me on reshaping my manuscript (!!!) Calm down, it’s super not official yet. You bet I’ll tell you when it is.
  • 1 Facebook Live Video with my awesome friends over at Anguished Hearts. You can watch our chat here about suicide, marriage, addiction, post-partum depression, freedom, and what it means to be Recklessly Alive.
  • 2,060 Likes (and 2,143) to the Facebook Page (that I was scared to create because I thought no one would follow.)
  • Over 260,000 views to RecklesslyAlive.com as I try my best to encourage people struggling to pursue a life that is fully and recklessly alive.

Not too shabby for a tiny-wasited, white boy from Minnesota. 🙂

I’m actually shocked by that list. I never could have imagined what God would do when I stepped out into oncoming traffic and said yes to this crazy ministry thing. But far better than any of those numbers are all the incredible people I’ve gotten to meet along the way.

What’s planned for the next 12 months? What a great question!

  • (Hopefully) signing a book contract telling my story from suicide attempt towards abundant life.
  • Planning, filming and releasing the 2nd suicide prevention video.
  • Releasing my first devotional for those struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts. Stay tuned for details on that one.
  • I am part of a cohort of youth pastors planning a big suicide prevention event here in Minneapolis during suicide prevention week in September!
  • I am teaching a blogging workshop here in Minnesota sponsored by the Minnesota Christian Writer’s Guild. I’ll share more info about that soon.
  • Some Merch as they say in the biz (merchandise). Hoping to sell t-shirts and some other awesome stuff.
  • New blog posts every 2  weeks (my one-true love).
  • An East Coast Speaking Tour! Woooo! I am traveling 8/14-8/26. So far I am booked in Pennsylvania and New York and I’ll be driving there and back from Minnesota. I’d love to stop in your town! Fill out a speaking request here or send me an email – eatonsp@gmail.com.
  • On-Going Speaking Calendar.

The best thing about the past 12 months? I know I am doing what I was created to do and that is the most incredible feeling.

Thank you to every single one of you who has supported me through this blog and ministry. Thank you for your encouragement and for sharing my writing. Thank you for standing up for truth and hope. See you soon my friends!

I’d love it if you would leave a comment about one way you’ve been impacted by this blog, this ministry, or my life! It would be so fun to read some memories and encouragement!

In it with you people,

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  1. Congratulations on one year Sam!

    From all I’ve read and heard from you (including your gracious and Love-filled responses to critics), I do hope many more opportunities arise for God to Gracefully work through you. In challenging times for the Church, you’re a small piece of Hope for what He’s Doing already and will do in His Kingdom to Come.

    God For us, With us, Within us,
    For His Will, with His Love, within His Grace.

    Josh (from Canada)

  2. Cobgatulations Sam!

    I am so happy to celebrate this milestone with you and to hear of all the great work ahead of you. You were a great encouragement to me while I was in a very bad episode of depression and motivated me to get the help I needed. I am in a much better place now and am improving each day. I will continue to follow your ministry and support you with my prayers. In Christ,

  3. Wow, Sam, I’m so happy for you! That is milestone to celebrate! I remember first hearing about you on a Girl Defined post, and it makes me so happy to know there are Godly guys out there. I’ve been blessed by the Christian blogs community in more ways I can count, and you’re part of it. I’m about to launch a personal blog and I aim to reach people and talk the Truth into their hearts, just like you have done to so many people in these past 12 months. I thank God for your life and ministry, and remember your work is not in vain.



  4. Happy 1st Anniversary, God has many more for you. Your joy and honesty shine through in all you write, even the “hard” stuff exemplifies the love of and for God. Thank you for your heart to serve your Heavenly Father.

  5. How wonderful to hear what’s already been done in your first year! I have no doubt God is working through you. Your life is an example to me of what it means to follow Jesus. Can’t wait to see what year 2 brings.

  6. Christine Sanford

    What can I say?!?!?! You got this man!!! Your inspiring in a manner that is not seen in the faithful community to often. What is that you ask? Your real!! You minister in a manner from someone to someone in today’s society. Not the society we pretend or wish we had the real deal. This perspective is so fresh and relatable for me. I’m fairly new to my faith and often get discouraged by idealisms and unrealistic expectations. Non for that with you. So thanks your doing good work!!

  7. Stepped out into oncoming traffic….well put. Keep blessing others. We lost our daughter to depression and suicide October 2016. I’m grateful for your heart and voice.

  8. Two things: 1) I am a Gen X that volunteers
    at our Youth ministry, Better Life Church,
    Morehead, KY. I connected to your link from
    another site and am so thankful. God brought
    new knowledge and hope in my life and a
    better understanding from a younger
    perspective dealing with depression, suicide
    etc…I have struggled with these as well. So
    Thank You!
    2) the Millennial post is one of the best I have
    ever read. I am constantly trying to understand
    and better relate to my Millennial friends and
    this generation of wonderful, talented individuals
    leading our church forward. I sent it to my
    best millennial friend and he said ? percent
    spot on. He is planting a church in Detroit.
    Anyway, keep up the good work. Look
    forwad to what’s next. The Best is Yet to

  9. Congrats on a year of this beautiful ministry, Sam! I am constantly nodding my head and saying “thank you!” to all the words you write. They are a breath of fresh air and the world needs more people who are so real and authentic and spurring others on while wholeheartedly running after Jesus, to know the beautiful life and beautiful love we can have. Yours is a difference-making life. Thank you.

  10. The beauty of your post? Every number represents a life that might have been touched by truth and love. It’s right that you take a moment to reflect on year one. No doubt, Sam, that you and God make a wondrously awesome team. 🙂 Thanks for letting your reader-friends marvel at all He’s done–and is doing–and rejoice with you.

    Your Recklessly Alive blog has impacted me in two major ways. First, it reminds me there are others vulnerably sharing about suicide and advocating for life (when my yoke stops feeling easy and the burden of carrying my daughter’s story doesn’t feel light). Second, your testimony is living proof and hope that each person’s story can–and should–end differently than Jenna’s did. Your example–to speak up, reach out, and run hard after what’s true and good–encourages me to continue to fight. So glad you’re embracing what God has called and equipped you to do.

  11. I have just recently stumbled onto your blog and, in spite of your ridiculous obsession with counting, I enjoy reading your thoughts. Please let us all know where you will be speaking at when you come to NY. I’d love to hear you speak and perhaps meet some other like minded Christians.

  12. Hey Sam, I came across your website randomly; I must say that I really enjoyed it! Congrats on your success with what you’re doing. I loved the “12 reasons millennials over church” post; SOLID stuff! Keep up the good work and keeping changing the world for Jesus!