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HEARTBREAK: Turning to God – Guest Post @ JoyPedrow.com

I get a lot of emails asking how I come up with topics to blog about and I always share this piece of advice someone once gave me: write from your weakness and you’ll never run out of things to say.

Thanksgiving to Christmas is typically one of the hardest times of year for me personally. I fight to the max to push back the seasonal lows with extra workouts and eating healthy. Yet, despite my above average offense, I just struggle. Two of the hardest moments of my entire life both happened during December – moments that are an integral part of who I am.

For my monthly post over at the incredible JoyPedrow.com, I wrote about where I was four years ago – completely heartbroken and wondering if I would ever feel normal again. The truth is down on the floor, face in the carpet, sobbing my 23-year-old heart out, God showed up. Click the link below to read the full story:

Turning to God in Heartbreak: A Man’s Perspective




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The song I chose for this post is called “When a Heart Breaks” by Ben Rector. It can be found in my Spotify music playlist, “Coffee with My Savior


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  1. I love the name of your playlist! Thanks for sharing your music favorites. Nothing touches my soul more, when I am happy or sad, than music.

  2. Music is like food for the soul. I love your raw and honest emotions with this post. So sorry for your loss man. With time God heals all wounds. Good friends along the way help too. Praying for a wonderful 2016 for you.

  3. So raw and authentic… the world needs more people like you! I know the deep ache of heartbreak and you are so right, sometimes the lowest valleys DO bring the most good. Many blessings to you, Sam!