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“As the years march on, I’ve become thankful for every single part of my story, even the lowest night when I tried to take my own life for in that moment I finally woke up and started chasing a life that was fully and recklessly alive.” -Sam Eaton


Presenting the gospel at a school in Zimbabwe through the “Everything” skit.

Welcome Friend!

Recklessly Alive is a sanctuary for broken people chasing a life of adventure, struggle, relationships and faith. During the lowest moment of my life—a time when I didn’t want to live anymore—I asked God if there was any way he could use all the pain deep in my core to help other people who struggle to feel fully alive.

The painful and sarcastic words found in this blog are His answer.

My first marathon – One of the hardest things I have ever done!

Start Here:

This past year I have been writing my first manuscript tentatively called: Recklessly Alive: My Journey from Suicide Attempt to Abundant Life. At the heart of this book is a document I have been working on for a number of years and is a list of 13 truths I have learned since that terrible day. We lovingly refer to it around here as the manifesto.

[Check out the Recklessly Alive Manifesto Here]



Playing keys for worship.

Next Steps:

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Teaching a child to play guitar while serving in Haiti – Summer 2015.

Who is this Sam character anyway?

I am a 28-year-old goofball who is in love with all things Jesus, writing, music, adventure, youth ministry, laughter, and friendship.
I pay my bills by teaching elementary school music to over 600 kids from grades K-5. My “free time” is mostly spent investing in the next generation through mentoring, teaching a high school small group, and playing on a worship team. I also love a good sweat, a moderately challenging house project, a cup of green tea, and as much time as I can get with my friends and family.

Somewhere between all that I have been trusted to write about my journey for all of you. This blog is my public journal, an ongoing heart cry of my struggle to live life to the fullest. I would love to connect on social media or by email anytime!

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