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My Tribe

Everyone needs beautiful people around them for encouragement, advice, and community. I’ve been blessed with many great companions on this blogging journey. Here are a few of the people that have loved and inspired me at my best and my worst.


Joy Pedrow | Leading Women To Jesus

Joy Pedrow – JoyPedrow.com

Joy is an incredible woman of God, a voice of her generation. She is leading women (and men) to strengthen their relationship with Jesus by talking about the most painful parts of their stories. Joy inspires me to be brave and vulnerable, to work hard, to learn about the word of God and be the best follower of Jesus I can possibly be.

Kari Smith & Katrina Josephson – Tandem Creative Company

Kari & Katrina are beautiful examples of the person I’ve always wanted to be: fun, heartfelt, adventurous and fearless. Last year they started their own creative company described perfectly here:

We are a creative agency using written and visual storytelling to share your vision. Working alongside you, we’ll capture the character of your company in order to help others connect and respond to it.

The Tandem sisters (a nickname I just made up) were the dreamers and hustle behind the first Recklessly Alive video. They inspire me to tell my whole story with my whole heart, to relax and breath, to not take my anger out on stalks of corn, to plan for rest and adventure, and to chase my big crazy dreams.

Rachelle Rea Cobb – Writer, Blogger, Editor Extraordinaire

Rachelle is an incredible writer and blogger. She is also an amazing editor always catching my many, many grammatical errors (sorry Rachelle) and is just all around a great blogging friend. You can check out all her amazing editing services here. And don’t miss her incredible book, “The Sound of Diamonds.

Bryan & Shayla Moffitt – AnguishedHearts.com

It won’t be long until Bryan and Shayla’s ministry is a household name. It’s a rare thing in this world to find people who are brave and authentic enough to put their reputations aside and share the hardest parts of their story. I know God is real through stories like theirs and the beautiful people God has made them to be.

You can check out the Facebook live video we did together here and listen to our talk about suicide, marriage, addiction, post-partum depression, freedom, and what it means to be Recklessly Alive!

Kylee & Christian Creative – kyleeandchristian.com

Kylee & Christian are just fantastic humans. I love their work and hired them to shoot the 2nd suicide prevention video coming out in 2018. They describe themselves here:

“Kylee and Christian are visual thinkers who love telling stories. Christian’s lifelong passion for movies allows him to bring an artistic and thoughtful method of storytelling to the table, while Kylee’s background in live television gives her an undeniable craving for immediacy and high-quality content on any project she produces. They met on set in 2009, and in 2013 decided to combine their many years of experience to form a company that would give them the perfect platform to create engaging visual experiences for their clients.”

Definitely check out their amazing work and hire them for your next project!