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Perhaps We Were Created for Adventure

Oh my friends, I miss you.

You may have noticed my voice has gone somewhat quiet these past few months, the posts coming slower than usual. I have found myself needing to step back and reflect, to spend much more time listening than producing. My purpose has seemed dull and dim. Yet through this feeling of night, I’ve felt happier and freer than I have been in a long time.

Last week I got to spend a week in the Smoky Mountains with some awesome people and it is exactly what my soul needed. I wrote this while staring up at the mountains on our second day. Hope you enjoy.

Perhaps We Were Created for


The smell of mountain air and freedom passed through the open van windows as the comforting twang of Tim McGraw welcomed us to the south. The laundry list of adult responsibilities blurred with each mile marker and carefree car nap while adventure stories optimistically ruminated in the days ahead.

The monotony of the weeks before had been sprinkled with planning messages and hope like a few undiscovered stars in a stormy night sky. With each mix-tape song chosen and car snack announced came another jolt of the impending, unexperienced memories.

The goal of every young professional -to build a life that doesn’t need escaping -hung in the closet next to the neck ties and half-packed suitcases. Perhaps even the sweetest of 9 to 5’s are seduced by all that is good: the call of the mountains and unplanned days, the winding roads and campfire donuts.

As our journey continued, the crowded interstate and modern noise slowly transformed into a racetrack of evergreens and spacious overlooks. Our stomachs leapt in various mixtures of excitement and roller coaster track carsickness as the would be’s and should be’s of a typical Friday further sweetened our easy laughter and witty banter.

Could this be real?

Would our anticipation live up to their mountainous heights?

Does it matter?

Could it be that any adventure, no matter the proportion, is a gift of life? An IV in the trenches? A day that will be remembered and celebrated regardless of its inevitable imperfections?

For today is a day to wander and explore; a day to do as we please. To set down the swords of our daily battles and truly rest.

Perhaps God created us not for turn lanes and cubicles, not for detailed itineraries and brag-able accomplishments; perhaps God created us to wander, to fly to giggle, to anticipate, to step wildly into the unknown. Perhaps we were created for adventure, perhaps we were created for today.

And while we know that all too soon we will retrace our steps with a healthy dose of dread for the lives we left behind, we will return home with a spirit that is filled to the brim with the freedom is desperately craves. A spirit renewed and smiling.

But for now we drink in the paradise of hammocks and campfire smoke and thank the heavens for a God whose love is greater than the mountains we gaze up at. We thank him for friends to journey with and all the characters we encounter along the way. We thank him for creating this adventure, this beautiful moment.

Perhaps we were created for adventure. Perhaps we were created for today.


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  1. “An IV in the trenches” love that! I have slowed down as well. Sometimes I think God wants us to get away and rest so we can reflect and just be with Him. I pray that God would give you peace throughout your day. Thank you for sharing. I love the description in your writing!

  2. Awesome post! Yes God wants us to wander and love his creation. It’s another form of worship. Welcome back!

  3. So good to see another post from you, Sam! I’m so glad you had that opportunity to experience God in the mountains! Your example of your life encourages me greatly. Keep on living for Him in all you do and sharing that with us! Praying for you daily, my friend!

  4. Great post! My little family and I went to Blowing Rock, NC over spring break. We live on the coast and LOVED it! God’s beauty is amazing here and we are truly blessed. However, there is a peacefulness about the mountains I can’t explain. To see God’s craftsmanship is beautifully amazing! We hiked Table Top Rock in Linville NC. The kids (we have 3 kids. 11,9,& 7 years old) even enjoyed it. I believe even God spoke to their little hearts. They came alive! Especially our 9 year old son. I believe a lot of us are in a season of reflection and a time of renewal. To put everything in perspective. We were definitely created for more than the mundane. Again, great post! So beautiful to read and see how Jesus is moving in each of our lives, hearts, and minds.

  5. Hey Sam,
    Love these thoughts and hearing about how you are embracing adventure! Wishing you an incredible and adventure filled week, and can’t wait to hear more!

  6. I miss your posts. 🙂
    I think you’re right. We’re created for adventures. We make our own stories. 🙂

  7. “The purpose of life is to live!”
    Life is Glorious!!! With all it’s grit & gristle and toughness, AND gentle caresses or tender moments. Life is both ugly and beautiful , it is up to us to choose life in a way that will glorify our existence as God’s Divine creations!!…- that’s my understanding of many inspirational authors and moments -Mi Smith

  8. Hey, I really like this post. This one is so easy-going and comforting. Sometimes these are much needed and days like these are definitely much needed in our lives with God. I think they help to give us more perspective and gratefulness. Thanks again for posting!