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My Ministry

A lot of people have awesome hobbies—like underwater basket weaving or hippopotamus wrangling. My life isn’t nearly that extravagant.

My hobby is helping people be more alive.

Helping people know they’re not alone in whatever struggle their facing. Helping people see that even in the hardest moments of our lives, life can always get better.

All those desires eventually led to the birth (gross) of Recklessly Alive Ministries

…which is pretty much just me writing in coffee shops, driving around in my car speaking, and sweating in front of a camera whilst telling stories of my struggle-filled existence.

Most of the time I write and speak about this guy named Jesus who was alive a really freaking long time ago and has helped me find a better way of living than my own self-destructive tendencies. So I talk a lot about that.

The biggest part of that story invloves this day I almost ended my life. So sometimes I talk about that too. I keep talking about suicide because not many people are, especially in church-like building

Sometimes I write about my journey of finding a home in different spiritual communities. Once I wrote a post about millennials leaving the church that got over 1,000,000 views.

So honestly, I’m not exactly sure where this whole thing is going, but let’s be friends! Let’s stop, collaborate and listen. Let’s just try to find our way through this mess together.

And once we’ve done that, let’s try that basket weaving thing. That sounds awesome.

[Check out my Speaking Page here for ideas on how we can work together.]