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“Sam is a dynamic and hilarious speaker who will have you laughing and crying, sometimes in the same breath. He shares from the heart and inspires audiences to live fully with the time they have.”

For Sam, a suicide survivor, every day is filled with an awesome combination of wonder, struggle and possibility. He springs out of bed ready to inspire the world to tell a better story with their lives, a story that is fully and recklessly alive.

Sam is available to speak on a number of topics including Depression and Suicide, Unleashing Your True Self and Why Chasing Big Dreams is the Only Way to Live. (If you have another idea, please contact him below. All topic requests will be considered!)

If you are inviting Sam to speak at a public school, please be assured that as a teacher himself, he understands the sensitive boundaries and will respectfully address his audience without sharing about his faith or religion.

Fill out the form below to connect about how I can partner with you or your organization!

Current Speaking Schedule

8/26/16 – Maple Grove, MN – Come Alive Tour

9/10/16 – Buffalo, MN – Come Alive Tour

9/23-9/25/16 – Rochester, MN – Youth Retreat Featured Speaker

10/31/16 – University of Northwestern St. Paul – Mental Health Week

11/4/16 – University of Northwestern St. Paul – Come Alive Tour

11/15/16 – University of Northwestern St. Paul – Come Alive Tour

1/5/17 – Tree House – New Hope, MN

1/14/17 – Maple Grove, MN – Come Alive Tour

2/20/17 – Jesse Lee Peterson Radio Show – Interview on Millennials

3/15/17 – Spirit of Christ Lutheran Church, St. Louis Park MN – Lenten Service

3/27/17 – Dallas Theological Seminary – Podcast Panel on Millennials – Dallas, TX

4/21/17 – Tonka Staff for Christ – Minnetonka, MN

4/22/17 – The Forum Podcast – LifeFM – New Zealand

5/13/17 – Podcast Interview

10/7-10/8/17 –  Lancaster Christian Church, – Lancaster, MO