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The Most Dangerous Prayer You Can Pray

I woke up much before the sunrise. Don’t tell anyone but I am one of those happy morning people that you’d like to punch in the face.  I intended to go to one of my favorite “DO 5 MORE, PUSH, PUSH, PUSH” group workouts before settling in to some quiet time with God and a long writing session.

As I left the house, I briefly said hello to one of my roommates (shocked anyone was awake) and scurried out the door.  A few miles down the highway something kept tugging at me. Go back home, something is not right.

I ignored it, like you do, but it persisted.

Some people might label this paranoia, anxiety, or perhaps even workout avoidance. Yet, it came up over and over. So finally I u-turned it like a true Minnesotan and returned home to make sure everything was okay.

At first, he assured me everything was fine before eventually sharing that he is going through some crazy hard stuff – my worst fears confirmed. Finally, he went back to his room and I retreated to my deck in my clean workout clothes.

As the sun peaked its energizing head above my neighbor’s rooftop, I sat in silence for a few minutes with a steaming cup of tea when suddenly tears started pouring down my face.

Some people might label this over-emotional, weird, or perhaps even girly. I don’t think of it that way. The truth is my heart was crumbling in pain for this broken, messed up world. How does life get so off track? How did we wander so far away from the beautiful life that is waiting for us? My eyes continued to weep when I had an abrupt terrifying realization: I had prayed for this moment many times and here it was.

The truth is my heart was crumbling in pain for this broken, messed up world.

Several month ago I came across this passage in Jeremiah 8:
Since my people are crushed, I am crushed; I mourn and horror grips me. (NIV)

Another translation reads:
My heart is crushed because my dear people are being crushed. I go about crying and grieving. I am overwhelmed with dismay. (NET)

Jeremiah is crushed and mourning for his people who walk in darkness, who have the life of God at their fingertips but choose to walk away over and over again. That is the type of compassion I wanted for God’s people, that is the type of fire I wanted deep in my soul. So, barely grasping what I was getting myself into I started praying to be more like Jeremiah.

My simple and dangerous prayer:

The truth is I don’t recommend this prayer. It’s much easier to bury our heads in the sand and avert the pain in the eyes we pass on the street.

As my neighbor’s rooster made it’s gentle crow, (I live in a bizarre and wonderful suburb), my pen took off ferociously writing everything that my heart is breaking for today:

  • Orphans, who feel lost and abandoned by this world.
  • The fact that there are more slaves now that at any time in human history,
  • The thousands and thousands of victims of Sex Trafficking
  • Every family destroyed by release of the data from the 32 millions users from Ashley Madison (an online dating website that encourages married couples to have affairs was hacked and all the names made public) and all the immense pain of infidelity.
  • Every single Planned Parenthood video that has surfaced. I think there are 7 now and a media that will do anything to cover up their truth.
  • Addicts who can’t break free from the depths of their darkness.
  • The men and women who chase random hookups looking for true love, but feel deeply alone.
  • Anyone battling depression and suicidal thoughts. [click here to read “My Letter To Anyone Who Feels Like Giving Up]

How did everything get so messed up?

The danger in this prayer is not in the words themselves, but when they are answered. You see, such a prayer is proven to lead you to reckless situations. You might end up falling in love with orphans in Zimbabwe or Haiti. You might do some crazy Random Acts of Kindness or offer to help complete strangers. You might give up your smart phone to sponsor a child in need.

This way of life, the way that recklessly loves God’s people, is what I want for every single day I am alive. It’s in living a healthy life, a pure life, a compassionate life that Real Living is found. And, while this way of life is anything but easy, I wouldn’t go back for a second.

You see, I’ve learned in my own walk that it’s only when my heart truly breaks for a cause or a person that I am motivated to make a lasting impact. So today through the tears I thank God that for answering my dangerous prayer.

I don’t know if I actually helped my roommate this morning, he seemed more alarmed than comforted. Yet, the pain in his eyes awakened in me what often lays dormant:

We are here to help
We are here to feel something when we see a homeless person with a sign.
We are meant to feel crushed like Jeremiah, for all those who are searching for a better life.
We are here to lift people up, dust them off and get them back on their feet.
We are here to pray dangerous prayers and live life recklessly for God.

Today, I dare you to pray for heartbreak, ask God to open your eyes to the people around you that desperately need you. Then wipe your eyes and get to work.

Today is the perfect day to change the world. Let’s do this.


What is your prayer this week? What causes are breaking your heart? Leave a comment below!


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  1. That is a dangerous prayer. There is so much going on that should be breaking our hearts, and I honestly think more people need to be praying this prayer every day.

    • Thanks Melanie! I am trying to remind myself of this, especially when life gets busy and chaotic. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. My problem is that my heart is sometimes overwhelmed by the horrors of the modern world. I have to pray for God to help me focus on my part of the world. I can easily get too caught up in all that is wrong instead of being part of leading the people around me to Him. But I think spending time in prayer for the world is important. There are 10 PP videos. I haven’t made myself watch them because I don’t think I have to to know what’s in them past the first one. After that, PP’s truth was clear enough for me. Another book that is great to add to your list is “Not a Fan” by Kyle Idleman – convicting for sure!

    • There is definitely a fine line, isn’t there, between keeping our minds on things above and yet being present and aware to the realities of our broken world. Great point! I have “Not a Fan” sitting on my shelf! I will definitely be diving into that soon. Thank you so much!

  3. It’s so much “safer” to avoid watching the news and creating deep level relationships with people. Our hearts never break that way, but that’s not God’s plan, of course. He created us for fellowship, to be compassionate and to meet people where they are. This prayer will get us there, but you’re right, it’s not an easy one to pray if you really mean it.

    • Hey Jelli-

      I feel the same way about the news, in fact I try to avoid it sometimes. I completely agree that we are made for community and to meet people where they are. It’s not always easy… and so much of the time I want them to just hurry up and figure it out already, haha! It is not an easy prayer, that’s for sure. Thank you so much for stopping by. Hope to hear from you again sometime!

  4. Sam, I just love your heart. You bless me more than you could ever ever ever know.

    If people realized just how HUGE of an act of Just “being there” really was, they would be there, just like you did.

    I love young people living fearlessly for the Lord. I cannot wait to see what the Lord does with a heart like yours!

    I’m thrilled to be a praying part of your ministry!


  5. Yes that is a dangerous prayer, the kind that take you a step closer to a God who is bigger than we can ever imagine. A prayer that grows us, breaks us, and allows for Him to fill us more.

    Thanks for sharing your story!


    • Amen! That is so hard to understand – that idea that we need to be broken so we can be filled up with more of God’s presence. I mean, usually doesn’t feel good when it’s happening, but oh how fantastic it is when you can look back and see how close God was. Thanks for stopping by. Hope to hear from you again soon!

      • I weep for our world and the broken ppl I see around me, thank you for reminding me of the blessings God gives us to be his mighty warriors to be the Jeremiahs for our world today.

  6. I do understand what you are saying about the world. I look around and I say the world is turned upside down. There many things in this world that I care about and find disturbing. I recently began working as a substitute teacher and I am shocked and saddened by the indifference of many teachers and parents. In many instances, it is apparent the children are raising themselves which explains why so many are angry. it saddens me to see people bring children in the world only to leave them to fend for themselves. I worry about what is going to happen to these children by the time they reach adulthood. Without an adequate education it will be difficult for many of them. I have no doubt many of them will graduate from high school but at some point, all of the things they never learned in school will come back to haunt them. I believe all children should have loving, caring parents that want to do the best for them. I believe all children should have the opportunity to obtain a good education. I believe all children should have the opportunity to learn about a heavenly Father that has a home prepared for them that is much better than the one they have on this earth.

    • Oh my gosh Mary, as a teacher you spoke right to my heart about children and education! So many of our young people are left to fend for themselves. I think as a community, we need to rally behind our kids by mentoring them, coaching them, volunteering to read to younger kids, and generally just spending more time helping them create a solid foundation for their life. Thanks for the awesome comment! Hope to hear from you again soon!

  7. Sam: I am so impressed and blessed by your heart for the Lord and others….You truly are a servant of the Lord. I am so glad you listened to that little voice telling you to go back home and the wonderful discoveries you made. I am sure you made an impact on your roommate though you might not know until you get to heaven. 🙂 It breaks my heart to see people living their lives in fear and not knowing that with the Lord, they can change. It is so hard to listen to all the negativity that comes with living like that. I am so thankful for God working in our lives. Thank you for inspiring me to be more like Christ. May God continue to bless your writings as you share Him with others in ALL that you do!

  8. I feel for the helpless animals. They are God’s creation and are being abused by the heartless cruelty of man. I couldn’t help but cry when I heard about Cecil. I feel bad when I hear about the abused and tortured animals all over this world.
    My 5 cats are all rescued from the ally. My dog Coco passed away Aug 23 2015 @9:30 pm. She was a wonderful companion. I had the honor of enjoying her company 17 yrs. I miss her but I know she is better now. I love and respect animals. I feel their pain when they are mistreated. God help them and help me too.

    • I think a lot of people were pretty broken up about Cecil the lion. Love that God has put on your heart a lot of compassion for animals. It’s an important cause! Sorry for your loss. Maybe there’s something God can use you for the help or maybe you already do? Blessings my friend! Thanks for stopping by.

  9. Yes, it is dangerous. God is dangerous. The world is dangerous. The innocence and bliss of Eden was lost milennia ago. There is no safety, except in pursuing the fellowship and plan of the Creator.
    “Safe? …Who said anything about safe? ‘Course he isn’t safe. But he’s good. He’s the King, I tell you.”
    -C.S. Lewis, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
    “He is not a tame lion, .. I will go back. I will give up my sword and put myself in the hands of … Aslan. Let him do justice to me.”
    Lewis, The Last Battle

    • What an awesome comment! I LOVE that quote from the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe! It is so true. As much as we want to be comfortable and not pushed to the limits, he is anything but safe. But in the end, that’s what makes him so incredible. Thanks for your insights!

  10. Hi, just wanted to tell you, I enjoyed this post. It was inspiring.Keep on posting!

  11. Wow, really enjoyed this post this morning. I have prayed similar prayers before and while I don’t always expect (or even want) the particular results when they occur, it is always for the better. God is good and He knows what it takes to make us draw closer to Him and serve Him better- even if that means it takes pain and heartache to get us to that place.
    Thanks again for sharing your heart.

    • Hi Barrie! Thank you so much for stopping by. I completely agree with your beautiful comment. Sometimes those hard prayers bring the greatest change in us. Have an awesome day!

  12. I love your passion and compassion for others. Thanks for the great reminder of the power of prayer, and that there really is something that we can do to make this world better!

  13. Thank you did this post! This has been on my mind
    For a while too.

  14. Thank you for sharing. It is amazing that we feel so alone in this world and we stumble across things like this and find that we are no where near alone! We seem to drowned in the news today. There doesn’t seem to be an end! I am always asking myself when will we at least get a break from the insanity! When I got my Christmas card from my grandma (90 yo) this year I got my answer. She wrote “This may be our last Christmas together. Jesus is coming back soon to take us home.” And she is right! We are seeing things happen that God promised. Good and bad. It is time that we make sure Christians ban together and fight back against the evil the world is showing us. God’s army will NEVER BE DEFEATED! And I am blessed to be his soldier!

    • “It’s time we make sure Christians ban together and fight back.” What an incredible sentence and such truth. We WILL never be defeated. 🙂 Keep fighting the good fight my friend. Thanks for your beautiful comment!

  15. We are God’s soldiers. He chooses us because we are firm in our faith and our love for Him. I often pray to be more ignorant to the truth and to be less compassionate, but then God reminds me that he made me this way for a reason. We are never alone when we walk beside Him, and we must never give up on eachother. Thank you for your post, it definitely made me smile! God Bless!

    • It’s so easy to forget that we ARE God’s soldiers. The enemy fights with discouragement and fear and WE fight with truth and faith. And we as know, If our God is for us, who could ever stop us?! Thank you so much for stopping by Jessica!

  16. Tatyana Nechiporuk

    Thank you so much for this post! I’m so happy I came across it today as I was simply scrolling through Pinterest. It’s crazy how God works, and yes, amazing. I went through the same thing during break between quarters. I remember praying the same way that you had prayed. Except I was more focused on the part, ” heal my heart and make me clean, open up my eyes to the things unseen.” I also love the song, “Hosanna” by Hillsong UNITED. It was around 12am on a typical night while i was on christmas break from college. I couldn’t sleep because of all the things the Holy Spirit was filling my soul and mind with. I was thinking of how the Holy Spirit touched my heart earlier through scripture and worship that same night. I was praying, but didn’t know why my heart felt so broken. So, i went to my mom ( she was still knitting, so i was glad i didn’t wake her up). I told her what was on my mind, and how the Holy Spirit moved me in church. And then i shared a few testimonies of how God works in my unchristian friends while i tell them about God, and how He has worked in my life till then. I wasn’t quite done speaking to my mom when i already had tears in my eyes. My mom encouraged me more as i told her good night. And on the way to my bedroom, i started crying even more, my sister was a bit frustrated with my crying because she said i haven’t cried like that in a long time. I had realized i was crying because i felt so broken. Like you said, ” my heart was crumbling in pain for this broken, messed up world.” That’s how i felt when i cried. I was torn by the fact that so many people don’t know God or don’t want to know God. When God is the only reason why we’re here. He created us, so we belong to Him. And yet, people run away from Him. I prayed for God to open my eyes to the things unseen, and he did, while also breaking my heart for what broke His. I grow stronger in Christ everyday because of his amazing love and answered prayers in infinite ways. Sometimes, we don’t see that God has answered our prayers until a few days, or even weeks. But he does, even if his answer is ‘no’, or ‘not yet’. God is so good!
    Thanks so much for pouring your heart into your posts. I look forward to reading more of them! God bless you and your ministry for Him!

    • Wow, what an unbelievably beautiful story. Thank you so much for sharing. I am so encouraged to hear that I am not alone in this struggle. I love how great your mom is, what an amazing rock for you to have in your life for moments like that. I can’t wait to see how God is going to use your awesome hear to change people’s lives. Stay in touch my friend! Thank you so much for stopping by.

  17. Thank you for this post. It takes so much faith to step out into the unknown and do something that God is calling you to. He is the God of the deep. Deep calls to deep.
    I was raised methodist and baptised in the name of the father, son and Holy Ghost. I followed God in the way i understood him at that point in my life. I still felt so empty. As a teen, i was angry and didnt know why. My parents were there and did an excellent job raising me, but i felt so lost. I started going to partys in high school and learned how to drink, smoke and chase after empty love.
    Years later i met the man who whould become my husband. He told me about the bible as he was taught and it changed my life. Read the first three chapters of the book of acts. Jesus died and was raised again to show us the way. He told the apostles to wait and pray. They did! In the upper room they prayed and waited and the sound of a mighty wind filled the place and they were filled with the Holy Ghost and spoke with tongues of fire. It was such an uproar that people from all over the town wanted to know what was goin on. Thought they were drunk. Peter stood and told them these are not drunk but full of the Holy Ghost. Acts 2:38 _ repent and be baptised in the name of Jesus for the remission of your sins and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost._
    There are 18 languages recorded in those verses that were spoken by people who didnt know the language. Are these not galleans? Why do we hear them speak in our own language? Because God can do that!! He still does it today. Ive been a Pentecostal for the last 10 years and theres nothing too big for God. The doctors said i would never have kids. The preacher laid hands on me in the name of Jesus and it felt like hot oil from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. I called the doctors and cancelled my surgery saying God healed me. They laughed and tried to talk me out of it. The next month i was pregnant. I have two beautiful healthy boys. Praise the Lord!!! Jesus told the woman at the well, if you knew who i am you would ask for living water that you wouldnt thirst anymore. Thats what this hurting world needs, living water. There is power in the name of Jesus. We need him in a desperate way.

  18. We get caught up, in our own lives and sometimes lose track of our surroundings and what others are suffering. Myself, I deal with breAst cancer ,chemo, and caregiver for my 83 yo dad. But I am definitely aware of others and the horror in this world. I pray and talk to God daily, sometimes all day as if hes right here. Which he is. Prayer works! We need more believers. This time Satan is workin o.t. to sway us every which way. We need to stay strong, keep faith, and pray for our world and the people, “our brothers and sisters” in it. Including ourselves and our loved ones.


  20. And I thought I was the only one who is going through emense pain which is so unbearable that I should destroy my self. Reading your post is giving me courage to look and feel the positive side of the life. But I won’t deny, it’s very hard. Specially when I am trying and failing over and over again. When I feel worthless. When I already know I have people who love me but still i hurt them over and over. My heart is shattered and my mind is so busy repairing the pieces that nothing is working. Can’t express to anyone and can’t say a word to loved ones. My situation might not be a complex one compared to yours but I only pray that I should die. I will not kill my self for sure. But leaving this body with peace is the only gift I want from God. By Leaving such messages over a portal, I am giving stress to people who will read this. My mind wants to stop typing but I just can’t help myself writing this. What’s wrong with me? I wish I could tell. But no doubt your post is really good. I can understand what you must have been through. And I am glad that u managed to recover well on your own. I hope I should be able to do that as well.

    • Sunny, this is the first time I’m visiting this blog and found myself reading through all the previous comments. Yours sure tugged at my heart stings and I had to reply. I hope you are in a better place now, emotionally and mentally. It can be so hard to pull yourself out of the grip of depression. But when we fall limp into the arms of Christ, he is able to lift us up and restore our lives. It’s when we try to fight on our own that we accomplish nothing but digging ourselves a deeper hole to wallow in. I’m praying and believing that God continues to restore you – mind, body and soul…in Jesus’ name. Amen

  21. Hey Sam! Thoroughly enjoyed reading, couldnt help but ask if u by any means follow Christine Caine??!!

    • Hi Gursimran! I have heard of Christine. I saw her speak at a Christian music festival a few years ago and I’ve really wanted to read her book. Are you a fan of hers?

  22. What comes to mind when I read “God, break my heart for what breaks yours” is “Are you IN this world or OF this world.” As my faith has grown stronger, and my walk a little more straight I’ve understood exactly what this means, what they both mean. I realize that when I am focused on my faith walk, then this world can seem so cold and broken, lost and empty. So little in this world seems to satisfy what my soul longs for (God, and all His glory, mercy, beauty…) So much of what’s in my heart aches for those that do not have God in their lives, who struggle so much, who hurt so much, who look for anything to satisfy that hunger, whatever that is, whether they even know themselves or not. And i wish, just for at least a second, they could get a glimpse of what I see, what i feel, what I crave every day, which is our awesome God. If only that second would give them the hope, and the desire to let God into their life to guide them. If only everyone knew His love, believed His love. That’s where I understand that I am IN this world, not OF this world.
    On the other side of things, I have had my share of rough days, nothing too major, Thank God, but none the less, still hard emotionally at times. Those days have made me realize what “OF this world” means. Those were days i pushed God aside, forgot about him, and yes… i still remember how cold and empty those days felt, how easy it was to get caught up in everything wrong, or so it seemed. Now, no matter how hard a day may seem, I know He is with me, and will never let me down.

  23. Thanks for writing this post, it’s a much needed reminder for me and what I’m living for. God bless!

  24. God laid on my heart last September the importance of the Body of Christ to wake up. The Church has been asleep way too long and it is time that we wake up and start being the example that our world so desperately needs!! God told me that He wants the denominational walls to fall down and that we, as Christians, unite in prayer! I have created a 2 Chronicles 7:14 Prayer Meeting that meets every second Friday of each month from 6-7pm to pray for our nation. God says, that If My People who are called by my name will humble themselves, seek my face and pray, that I will hear from heaven. I will forgive their sins and I will heal their land. I blame myself as much as every other Christian who simply plays church. This is the reason our world is in the shape that it is in. I am praying that other communities start a 2 Chronicles 7:14 Prayer Meetings to intercede to the Lord for our nation11

  25. Stumbled upon this on Pinterest and so glad I clicked to read it. So beautifully written Sam and thankful there are people in this world who will pray those bold prayers to live and love like Jesus! Thank you for sharing this

  26. Absolutely loved this prayer. This can be a scary weitel at times. We all need to read this everyday. Thank you for this beautiful prayer Sam!

  27. My dear brother in Christ,
    I was reading psalm 25 before going for a walk. This psalm made me cry & i prayed for all persecuted Christians all over the globe.I replaced the word of “I” w/ the “persecuted church”:
    “O Lord, I lift up my sisters & brothers in Christ who are suffering cuz of Jesus’ name, we trust in You .Do not let my siblings be put to shame & nor let our enemies triumph over them” & so on.
    I can relate w/ you about heart breaking moments that lead you to dangerous praying.
    I’ve left I ran several years ago, I am still thinking of my siblings in Christ, especially when Im eating something delicious, i remember this verse form Hebrews chapter 13:3:”Remember those in prison if you were their fellow prisoners& those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering.”
    I really touched by your article, God bless your kind heart, we need more warriors like you!
    one more thing: if you know some persians among your friends or church family,pls let them know about “verseoftheday.com”. they can read one verse of the Bible in Persian or Farsi every day. Thanks for sharing this news.

    Many blessings,

  28. That is quite a prayer, since Jeremiah was known as the Weeping Prophet. There are so many things going on to weep over. It reminds me as in the days of the judges-everyone did as they saw fit. Sounds very similar to what is happening today.
    I am so thankful to have read this and will subscribe and read it to my grandsons that I am raising.
    Thanks for Pinterest & the other readers, I will pray for all of you-let’s become payer warriors for one another! Let us be that sweet smelling incense to the Lord! May you all have a blessed day.

  29. Judith Celeste Garcia

    The files of the clients that I work with, breaks my heart. Most of the teenagers I work for in a group home have been abused in some way. It gets so creepy that when I’m not at work if i hear a kid crying i immediately think the worst.
    My former students who were brought up at a Christian school, but no longer walk with the Lord break my heart. I am very afraid of such a prayer, but nowadays you can hardly walk anywhere without noticing the pain in others eyes. This article expresses how I feel many times, i burst in tears sometimes. When I was in the CZ Republic (which is the land of atheist) you can literally see the zombie like look in the eyes of people, their pain, it is so palpable it hurts. Thank you for this reminder, we ough to suffer for what breaks the Lord’s heart.

  30. I felt so encouraged to read that there’s people praying this way or desire to. Lamenting and mourning really does transform us from the inside out.

  31. Hi, Sam!

    You’re truly right about the danger of that specific prayer… Lately, it has become increasingly obvious to me, that there are a great many dangerous prayers.
    What an exquisitely beautiful yet painful gift you were given, in response to your own prayer! And what a demonstration of the profound power of heartfelt prayers! Thank you for putting your anecdote out there. 🙂