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Helping You Overcome & Thrive



Group Coaching

  • LIVE INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS: Personalized 60-minute Zoom meetings per month with Sam

  • PERSONALIZED: Sessions planned around proactive goal-setting to meet your needs

  • ENCOURAGEMENT & SUPPORT: The coach you need to breakthrough and finally feel recklessly alive

  • INCLUDED: Recklessly Alive Book & Journal

  • EMAIL ACCESS: Weekday email access to Sam between sessions

  • LIVE GROUPS: 10 sixty-minute Zoom meetings over 3 months

  • EXCLUSIVE CONTENT: Designed Only for Members of Coaching on goal-setting, self-care, boundaries, and more

  • PRIVATE GROUP: Stay Connected and Build Relationships

  • COMMUNITY: Like-minded people working to be their best selves

  • SUMMER 2022: Most Wednesdays 6:30-7:30pm CST June 22-September 14

*3 client openings left for Summer 2022



$150 per month* ($125) - 2 More Spots

$175 per month* ($140) - 4 More Spots

$200 per month* ($160) - 4 More Spots

*Use coupon code SUMMER22 for 20% off listed price.


Chris Headshot.jpg

"Sam has been an invaluable source of empathy and wisdom. He listens intently, helps me set goals and brainstorms solutions when I need them. I can safely say working with Sam reshaped my outlook and enhanced my career.

-Chris A.

"Group coaching really quickly became such a valuable part of my weeks. It was really evident how much same cared about not only sharing his experiences and his resources on a variety of topics, he was a catalyst for good things in my life."

-Heather E.

"Sam is a great coach! He has been through so much and has so many experiences that really helped me. I have grown so much since I started coaching."

-Garrett P.

Meet Your Coach

Screen Shot 2022-03-11 at 5.49.18 PM.png
Speaking Photo Sam Eaton Square.jpg

I went from feeling like a nobody to

speaking in front of thousands of people.

I went from hating the way I looked to

finishing a marathon and competing in Crossfit.


I went from crying alone in the shower to

traveling the world with incredible people.



Sam Eaton is an author, speaker, and founder of Recklessly Alive. Sam earned a Master's Degree in Educational Leadership from Concordia University St. Paul and was a public school teacher for 12 years. He's been coaching and mentoring people of all ages since 2012.


Who is this for?

Anyone who wants to feel more fully alive. Anyone who could use an online community supporting them. Anyone who wants to become more of the person they were meant to be.

Why did you start coaching?

I want to help people—plain and simple. I am a teacher at heart, I spent 12 years teaching in public schools, and I want to support people on a deeper level than just blog posts and post-it note photos.

What will you use for the calls?

Individual sessions can be done via phone call, video call, or Zoom. Group sessions will be on Zoom. ZOOM is an easy application to download and use. You can use your phone, tablet, or computer. Video is optional but encouraged.

What if I cannot make a call?

Individual sessions can be rescheduled 24 hours in advance except in the case of an emergency. Content from missed group calls will be shared each week following the session. 

Are there refunds?

I do not offer refunds for past payments. 


Is this therapy?

No. I am not a licensed counselor. We will not be processing traumatic events together. I highly suggest if you're feeling stuck or have unresolved trauma in your story that you contact a professional counselor or therapist. Coaching can be even more powerful when paired with ongoing, one-on-one talk therapy.


Is this for kids?

This program is for 18+. 

Legal Disclaimers

I understand this coaching program is not therapy and Sam Eaton is not a licensed counselor. Recklessly Alive strongly encourages all participants to consult their doctor or a licensed therapist to create a mental health treatment plan before joining our group coaching. I understand if I were to become suicidal, it is my responsibility to call either the suicide TALK line at 1-800-273-8255 or dial 911.

The success of Recklessly Alive Group Coaching (Sam Eaton LLC), testimonials and other examples used are exceptional, non-typical results and are not intended to be and are not a guarantee that you or others will achieve the same results. Individual results will always vary and yours will depend entirely on your individual capacity, work ethic, level of motivation, diligence in applying the Recklessly Alive (Sam Eaton LLC) Programs.

The Recklessly Alive Programs and Sam Eaton individually are not responsible for your actions. You are solely responsible for your own moves and decisions and the evaluation and use of our products and services should be based on your own due diligence. You agree that the Recklessly Alive Programs are not liable to you in any way for your results in using our products and services. See our Terms & Conditions for our full disclaimer of liability and other restrictions.

Recklessly Alive, including Sam Eaton personally, may receive compensation for products and services they recommend to you. Sam Eaton personally uses a recommended resource unless it states otherwise. If you do not want Recklessly Alive and Sam Eaton to be compensated for a recommendation, we advise that you search online for the item through a non-affiliate link.

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