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8 AWESOME Blog Posts for 20-Somethings

I have always been the kind of person who loves their birthday and makes a rather large ordeal. Hello? A day that is all about ME? Yes please!

Last year was some of my best work as I spent my 26th Birthday doing 26 random acts of kindness. It was crazy and incredible.

With the big 2-7 looming in a few weeks, I haven’t felt much excitement. In fact, I’m feeling a little blue. While some incredible things happened this year – I finished my Master’s Degree, I ran a freaking marathon, I’m just not ready to be 27. I was supposed to have everything figured out by my 5 year college reunion and I feel like I’m not even close.

Turns out, as in most funks like this, I’m not alone. So in hopes to inspire myself (and perhaps you kind stranger), here are a few of my favorite blog posts for any of you 20-somethings feeling lost like me:



by Paul Angone (Featured by Relevant Magazine)


by Donald Miller


by Branden Harvey


By Nicole Unice

The Most(1)

by Sam Eaton


What are your favorite blog posts for people in their 20’s? What have you learned about this crazy time in a person’s life? Comment below!

This song is featured in my Music Playlist, “Recklessly Alive.”


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