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A 10-week companion to smash
your goals, plan your self-care and conquer your emotions


Emmy S.

"To anyone wondering if this is worth buying, it 100% IS. I bought it last week and it's AMAZING. I love the layout, the excerpts from the book and the encouraging words! I like how it incorporates a journal with a planner. Sam did an amazing job on this."


Look Inside


10 Weeks of:

• Daily and Monthly Planner
• Daily Journal and Reflection Prompts
• Daily Emotion & Self-Talk Check-In
• Short-Term and Long-Term Goal Tracking
• Inspirational Quotes and Excerpts from Recklessly Alive


Other Features:

• Plan Your Self-Care
• Dream Your Adventures
• Create Your Bucket List
• Track Your Habits
• Improve Your Self-Talk
• Crush Your Goals

Message from the Author


.I’ve never found a journal that meets my needs so I created one for you.

A study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found those who wrote about their deepest thoughts and feelings had fewer depressive symptoms because they didn’t dwell as much on their intrusive thoughts. 🧠


I included all the tools I've learned to use over the last 20 years of fighting depression: goal-setting, self-care, planning adventure, keeping a schedule, writing in a journal, and so much more.

I hope this journal can help you fight towards a life free of depression and anxiety. See you soon. Love, Sam.

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