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35 Ways to Connect With God – Guest Post

Since an early age, I’ve never been able to sit still. Sometimes it’s hard for me to even sit through an entire movie. The same is true in my personal life as I’m always moving, always pushing forward to create or improve something.

I know it’s something a lot of people struggle with simply by the fact that my most viewed blog post is entitled, “Our Greatest Sickness: How Busyness Has Become Our Worst Enemy.”

Last week I did a check in with where I’m at and the report is not good. Yet I’ve come to realize that sometimes we just have busier seasons in life than others. You can a.) choose to beat yourself up or b.) intentionally connect with God throughout your day in different ways.

I am so blessed to be a monthly contributor over at If you haven’t checked out her site, it’s an incredible resource for all things faith, bible study and living a God-honoring life. While primarily geared for women, there are definitely great posts for the Adam’s and Eve’s alike.

So without further adieu,

By Sam Eaton (that’s me!)


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