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Holy sweet Moses my friends, I cannot believe we are here.

I was thinking and praying over the blog this weekend when I realized something crazy… Recklessly Alive turns 4 this month! It seems as impossible as two consecutive good Bond movies… but here we are.

48 months ago, in the darkest season of my life, I prayed a terrifying prayer:

God can you use this use the extreme pain I am living in to help other people?

Less than a week later, I started a free WordPress blog I called “A Long Walk Home” and off I went.

In the beginning, I was just writing for me and I would occasionally shared it on the bookofFaces. Fast forward four years and the blog is on pace to have over 25,000 views in 2015 and is growing every month. And that is all because of you beautiful people.

So today I just want to scream into the canyons:

Thank you!

(thank you… thank you… thank you…) ((That was the echo)).

Thank you for supporting me through the toughest times. Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for subscribing to my email list. Thank you for accepting me when I write something incredible (and when I fail). Thank you for letting me be real and vulnerable and ridiculous.

And… I Still Need Your Help:

As many of you know, I have been working tirelessly on my first manuscript this year. My hope is to have the first draft complete by December 31st and start the submission process in January. There are three ways you can support me in this:

1.) Please subscribe to my email list and follow me on social media. On my book proposal I will include how many social media followers I have and how many subscribers. This is a HUGE help in getting anyone to look at my stuff.

2.) Share a post. If you enjoy something I have written, share it on social media or email it to a friend. At this point, ever little bit helps and you never know who will be impacted by something you share.

3.) Send any publishing tips or connections my way. I have so much to learn about the book world but I will be giving it everything I have until Recklessly Alive (the book) is in print.

And now for the real reason you are here: THE GIVEAWAY!

Think of it as a long, awkward and metaphorical hug just for stopping by I have 7, yes SEVEN incredible prizes lined up that I cannot wait to give away. Check out the full list of prizes at the end of this post

Well people, I never imagined in a million years this is where we would be and here we are. This little blog that could. Thank you!

Love, Sam


So today starts my biggest Giveaway ever! I mean like HUGE.

Prize List:

An incredible debut EP by Minneapolis Singer/Songwriter Hunter Fraser. Click here to like his page on Facebook!

I love journals. I love words. I love writing. I never buy the same journal twice, but I LOVE this journal. I can not wait for someone to start writing to God in this!

Crazy Love by Francis Chan – One of my favorite books of All-Time! This is the book that has most impacted my faith and showed me what it means to start following Jesus.

-$10 Lifeway Christian Stores Giftcard – Can be used in stores across the U.S. or online.

LifeWay Virtual Gift Card

Plus 3 additional prizes donated by my awesome blogger friend, Joy Pedrow! Visit and subscribe to her incredible blog or follow her on twitter @JoyPedrow. Also make sure to check out her Etsy Store!

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