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8 Christian Books That Will Ruin Your Life & Jesus Calling Book Giveaway!

Hey Friend!

I wish I could just give you a big hug for supporting this crazy little blog of mine.

Today I am publishing a list of 8 Christian books that have had a first-kiss-magnitude impact on my life. (I mean, unless your first kiss wasn’t that good. Then um… sorry about that. Mine was great.)

Those of you who have been around awhile (whom I lovingly refer to as my “homies), you might remember my first list:


The list has been quite popular on the Pinterests so at risk of giving the people a sequel they didn’t ask for (cough, Grease 2, cough)… I present:


Ranging from Fiction, Non-Fiction, Prayer Books and Devotionals, here are some of the best tools in my faith arsenal. Please, please shoot me a message if you want to discuss any of the books! I would love to hear from you.

IN OTHER NEWS: as a thank you to my awesome readers, I am giving away a copy of the incredible devotional “Jesus Calling,” by Sarah Young. This is absolutely the BEST. It is short and almost always cuts straight through the noise of my everyday life. I could just kiss Sarah. (hmm… is anyone else weirded out by the number of times I’ve mentioned kissing).

Book Giveaway

The Contest will End August 7th and the winner will be posted and notified by email. (You can still enter even if you’ve already subscribed to the blog)

Thank you. Thank YOU. THANK YOU! Thank you for subscribing to my blog and sharing my posts on social media.

I am giving my all at writing a book and getting it published. Turns out, a huge part of that is how many people you have on your email list and how many views you have. (Who knew). So let’s get my book published people! 🙂

This incredible song can be found in my Music Playlist, “In Christ Alone – Worship”


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