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De-Clutter Your Life – Guest Post

Every month I get the privilege of having my writing featured on the incredible blog  – Joy is a seminary student and blogging extraordinaire who is passionate about all things ministry and leading people towards Jesus. She has become my ally and friend in this crazy blogging world and I am so thankful for her.

This month I get real about my stress cleaning and how I have desperately needed to create some breathing room in my existence. Clutter is defined as anything that impedes movement or effectiveness. I am most effective in my life when I take the time to clean up the things that are slowing me down. In this piece I explore six areas I have been working to de-clutter in hopes of helping you find a little more peace in your world.

Please consider leaving a comment over there with any stories or tips you have for getting rid of the junk in our lives. Have a blessed week!

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