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How My Heartbreak Transformed Me – Guest Post by Lux Ganzon

There are several bloggers out there who have been a huge source of encouragement and support to me over the past few years, whom I greatly admire and have looked up to for a very long time. One of these people is my friend Lux Ganzon who blogs at

Today Lux gives us a new perspective on something we all experience–heartbreak. I love Lux’s clear and heartfelt writing that feels like the warmth of a dear friend giving you gems of advice to live fully even in the hardest moments.

Make sure to check out Lux’s blog and follow her on all her socials – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and G+.


How My Heartbreak Transformed Me

When you’re down to nothing, God is up to something.

I’ve always read about in novels or seen in movies. It’s something my friends went through. It’s something I never thought I would go through myself.

I was careful. I made sure I wasn’t giving my all. I thought I was being cautious and wise.

But, it still happened. That thing called heartbreak. It was devastating. I didn’t see it coming. I was blindsided.

To be betrayed by someone you loved and trusted for half a decade is no joke. Even the optimistic me suddenly succumbed to a life of temporary darkness. It felt as though there was a heavy cloud constantly hovering over me.

For months (or did it last for years?) I was like a living dead. Going about my “normal” routine but not being present entirely. I was an empty shell—a broken empty shell.

I was badly broken and wounded inside. Nothing could cheer me up.

I experienced pain like never before.

What I got from it:

I used to think those who are having relationship problems are exaggerating. They’re wallowing in self-pity and are dwelling in something that’s easy and trivial. I’ve always thought heartbreak is too juvenile a thing to take seriously. Boy was I so wrong to think that.

a. Empathy

But that’s the thing about heartbreak. That’s the thing about suffering. It changes you. It transforms your very core and makes you look at things differently.

Suddenly, I understand why some people go through depression. I then understood why some people opt to commit suicide or lose their sanity. I get their pain.

I became empathetic in a deeper level.

b. Resilience

I never thought I could be this unbreakable if it were not for that painful heartbreak. I discovered that no matter how hard the wind blows, I can only bend but I will never break.

c. Grace

It was through that brokenness that God’s grace flew freely in me. It was through that pain that God’s healing was made possible. It was through those cracks in my shattered life that God’s presence seeped in my being. The heartbreak paved the way for God’s unconditional love to manifest in my life.


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I have new perspective, renewed strength and faith. I have a transformed life.

Through that heartbreak, I’ve learned how God’s love is truly new every morning. Because no matter how messed up and damaged I felt I was, every day, there were constant reminders of His love. There were constant assurances that everything that’s happening was according to His grand plan.

That heartbreak freed me from toxic people in my life and spared me from further pain and conflicts. It redirected me into the path I am ought to take in the first place.

That most painful goodbye actually was good riddance.

In the end, all is well.


Bio: Lux currently balances her time working on her dream business and pursuing her passion for writing; finding her one true love while building her own happily ever after; and chasing dreams as she lives in the reality of the present. Through her blog she hopes to someday leave a dent in the world. Follow her (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and G+) to get your daily dose of good vibes.

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