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I AM GOING ON TOUR: Will You Help?

Four weeks ago I made a scary and awesome announcement: I launched Recklessly Alive Ministries. (and yes I am still figuring out what all that means). Although the picture continues to come in focus more and more each day. [Click here to read the full post about my ministry launch]

One thing I do know, every 12.8 minutes someone commits suicide. 42,773 people took their own life in 2015, the highest rate in 30 years. Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S.

And I can’t stand for that.

So I won’t stop speaking and sharing my story until we get to ZERO DEATHS.

That’s right, zero.

But I can’t do this alone, will you help me?

The Exciting Part

Okay people, are you ready for this?!?

I’M GOING ON TOUR! Whhhhhhaaaaat?


I am partnering with an incredible musician, Hunter Fraser, and embarking on a house show tour! We are looking for people from all over the U.S. who would consider hosting a night of song and stories in their home.

Would you please, please, please consider hosting a show?

What You Can Expect:

Hunter opens with 2 songs [6-7 mins] Video shown [3 mins] (we provide equipment) Sam shares his story and his mission [15-20 mins] Intermission for questions and refreshments [15] Hunter Plays full set [40ish] Connect with audience Clean-Up

Suggested start times:  Wednesday – Saturday [6:30-7:30pm], Sunday [4:00pm]. These are the times we’ve found to be the best for house shows in the past, but you know your friends/audience best! We are open to other suggestions as well.

Suggested Audience Size: 20+ people (depending on location)

Who to Invite: Anyone you want! Friends, family, fellow music lovers, co-workers, neighbors! This is a time for you to enjoy a fun-filled night with people you love.

Possible Locations: Living room, deck, garage, basement – any place that holds people well. We are also very open to churches and other venues as well.

What We Provide:

  1. Backdrop

  2. Merchandise with table and decor

  3. TV/projector

  4. All music equipment

  5. A Facebook event template for you to invite your friends to!

What We Need From You:

  1. A nearby outlet (or two)

  2. Seating (however you choose)

  3. Invite your friends!

  4. If you would like, you can also provide snacks/refreshments for a 15-minute intermission.

More about the Man Behind the Guitar

Hunter Fraser

Hunter Fraser is a Pop singer-songwriter. He grew up playing shows for his family, friends and neighbors in his own living room and garage. He has released one record titled Past the Stars EP, and has continued to write and collaborate with other artists. While working on other artists projects, he has also been creating songs to build a full length record to be released within a year. As Hunter continues to chase his dreams of music, he’s going back to his roots and starting a tour comprised of mostly living rooms, garages, basements and patios. (yes house concerts!) If you’re interested in sharing in this dream with him, reach out here.

You can visit Hunter’s website here or on Facebook or Instagram. Check out Hunter’s music on Spotify here:

So there it is people. I am going to spend my summer and fall talking to as many people as I can about ways we can all help prevent suicide in this crazy world of ours and how I have spent the last five years chasing a life that is fully and recklessly alive.

Will you consider hosting a show? We are considering all geographic locations! Thanks for being a part of my team and cheering me on in this next adventure God is calling me to.



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