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James: Finding Our Way – A Community Bible Experience

Oh my goodness friends, I have had pretty much the best long weekend a guy could ask for. Here in Minnesota all public schools are closed Thursday-Sunday for a desperately needed break from the blur that is the first 6 weeks of school. (Insert Happy Dance Here) I chose to retreat much of my break, spending my time reading, resting, and listening for what God is inviting me to next.

Then, BAM! like a deer that jumps out in front of you on the highway I was filled with excitement about studying the book of James. As I started reading, I had one of those beautiful moments where I just got lost in the Word of God. After a long time, I jumped up and wrote Friday’s post – 10 Ways to Fall in Love With Your Bible.

At the end of the post I made a scary and exciting announcement – I am inviting all of you to join me in studying this challenging and beautiful book. I just have one question:


I would love it if you would join me on this crazy adventure of slowly diving into God’s word. In my last post, I shared this quote about changing the way we read the bible by one of my favorite authors:

“We read slowly so that we can savor each word and let its meaning sink in. Rather than rushing on to the next chapter so that we can compete a reading or study assignment, we stay in the place where God is speaking to us, contemplating meaning for our life and for our relationship… like Samuel, we approach the scripture with utter openness and availability to God: “Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening.” -Ruth Haley Barton, Sacred Rhythms p. 50

I decided to write my first bible study and share it with you! Each day includes a short reading, a few thoughts, a few questions, and a prayer. The purpose is not to race through the reading, but to hover on every word like it is a love letter. Make an appointment with God, even if it is just 15 minutes to spend with God through this letter from James.

I will post the first day THIS Wednesday, October 21st and there will be 15 days total. We will take Sundays off to reflect and allow others to catch up if they desire. At the end of the study, I will publish the entire thing as an eBook you can download.

Invite your friends.

Invite your family.

Invite your co-workers!

Let’s all take a step towards God and learn more about this recklessly alive life that he is constantly calling us to.

See you Wednesday for our first community bible experience!


Check out this Awesome playlist I made specifically for studying James!


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