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Saving Sex for Marriage – Guest Post @

A few years ago this incredible thing happened when I was designing, I found this beautiful college women’s blog: A blog for women, Joy’s posts are boiling over with love and truth. She quickly became one of my best blogging friends and has been an incredible source of knowledge and encouragement.

For almost two years I have had the incredible privilege of writing guest posts and after taking a break this summer to focus on my speaking and the book, I am back writing posts in a series entitled “From a Guy’s Perspective.”

This month I am getting uncomfortably vulnerable as I write about my choice to wait to have sex until marriage.

Here is the beginning of the post:

I don’t want to write this post, frankly, I don’t want to talk to you about this at all. Not because I’m ashamed or uncomfortable with the topic, but rather no part of me wants to be a poster child for this “crazy” decision I’ve made.

For the men in our society, sex has long been a badge of honor—the exact opposite of the Scarlet Letter handed out to the girls who do the same. The phrase, “she made a man out of him,” tells you everything you need to know about how ingrained and rewarded losing your virginity is in the world of men. Click this link below to read the full post.

Subscribe to Joy’s blog on her homepage and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. She is an incredible light in this world and I am positive you will be as blessed by her ministry as I have been.

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