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The Essential Christian Workout Playlists

Believe me when I say my journey towards living a healthy lifestyle has been longer than the Dairy Queen line on a 105 degree day.

I spent a lot of years eating terribly (Mmmm Cookie Dough Blizzards) and exercising less than occasionally (maybe tomorrow). I spent a lot of years hating my body (you’re gross) and letting the enemy fill my head with lies based on what I looked like (you’re unlovable).

Along with reading my bible every day, eating well, getting 7-8 hours of sleep -exercise has been my sharpest sword in fighting my depression and finding the best version of myself.

Twin Cities Marathon 2014

[ If you’ve struggled with depression or know someone how has, check out my post 25 Ways to Fight Back Against Depression.]

The truth is when I started making eating well and working out a priority, my life became so much happier. I finally started shedding so many false labels I had carried around for way too long and felt more FULLY ALIVE. Side effects included more gratitude, more smiling, way more energy, and a greater desire to seek God.

Sounds like a win-win to me.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are few other posts I have written about fitness: You Can Overcome Anything! Faith & Fitness: 6 Ideas for a Healthier You How Running a Marathon Brought Me Closer to God

OR if you don’t care about my fitness journey (we’re cool), check out a few of my favorite health resources (I didn’t get paid for endorsing any of these, I just love them)

  1. The Whole 30 – Eating only real foods (and no unnatural sugar for 30 days!) It’s so tough but really teaches you how to avoid processed foods!

  2. From Couch to 5k App – Weekly workouts to coach you to your first 3.1 miles. Sign up for a race, download the app and go for it! I did it with my sister and it totally works. Start easy – mostly walking, and progressively moves you to jog the full way.

  3. – I LOVE this website, especially if I am traveling. It contains TONS of FREE workout videos that are awesome.

  4. – I am a PROUD member of Lifetime Fitness (which got voted best overall gym by MensHealth Magazine). I am a huge fan of their group workout classes – weights, cardio, core, circuits – all with awesome music and fun people.

Wherever you are on your fitness journey, I have found that uplifting music is ESSENTIAL to any good workout.

(And because I love you people, I am sharing my workout playlists with you!)

What songs should I add to this list – Let me know in the comments!

Jesus Cardio

High energy, blood-pumping, positive music to motivate you to push through even the toughest of workouts!

Jesus Lifting

A playlist of mostly rock and rap to push yourself to the limit.

Jesus Run

A playlist of songs with mainly driving tempos to uplift and inspire you during your run, no matter how long it is! You can do it. Keep going! You’re a rockstar.

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