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To the Girl Sobbing on the Train

I don’t often take public transportation through this beautiful city I call home, but sometimes my secret Bohemian alter-ego convinces me to go on an adventure. I love to watch the skyscrapers blur past as an anonymous sea of people come and go about their everyday lives; it connects me somehow to this crazy thing we call humanity.

That was my story today as the snow fell gently against the wide, clear glass.

Then I spotted her a few rows ahead of me—eyes puffy and leaking with pain. It seemed life had hit her harder than she ever imagined.

I pulled a pack of Kleenex out of my clearance messenger bag and handed them to her. I asked softly, “are you okay?” She nodded quickly and tried to look busy in her purse.

I said, “it’s gonna be okay,” as I moved back to my seat.

Minutes later the train pulled to the station and she stood to get off. As she walked towards the door, she paused for a moment and our eyes met. The corner of her mouth twinged up ever-so-slightly, and then she was gone.

There were so many things I wanted to say to her in that moment that I’m not sure “are you okay” really conveyed. So I got off at the next stop and chased her down.

Okay that’s a lie…

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