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Announcing My New eBook: The 30-Day Recklessly Alive Challenge

Seven years ago I was busy preparing for Christmas Day like so many of us are this time of year. Only thing was, I wasn’t planning presents and merriment, I was actually planning to take my own life.

I had made a pact with the universe that on December 25, 2011 I would either take my life or never think about suicide again.

Spoiler Alert: I chose to stay. Sitting in my bathroom, counting back from 10 a question finally broke through that changed my entire existence:

Have you really given life everything you’ve got?

The answer was no. Not even close.

Fast forward seven years, I am still battling the grips of depression and that was not the last time I would ever think about suicide again. However, my life is almost unrecognizable to that 23 year old kid.

Finishing the Twin Cities Marathon, October 2014.

  1. I trained my heart out and finished a marathon (while still feeling like the chubby kid).

  2. I spent 6 weeks as a music missionary in Zimbabwe.

  3. I spent two weeks holding sick babies in Haiti.

  4. I spent time in Puerto Rico repairing roofs after Hurricane Maria.

  5. I paid off over $90,000 of student loans.

  6. I completed a Master’s Degree (without any more student loans).

  7. I bought a run down house and fixed it up (with almost zero construction knowledge).

  8. I taught Sunday School, Junior High small groups, mentored two amazing young men (who are in college now), I helped run a small group of 15 high school kids, I chaperoned dozens of retreats, mission trips, service nights, lock-ins.

  9. I faced my fears of performing in public and played on a worship team at a large suburban church.

  10. I work insanely hard at my job as an elementary music teacher. I’ve written and received two grants. I started an after-school choir that was invited to perform at the state music teachers convention last February.

  11. I joined Crossfit and have spent the last year learning how to lift heavy things without puking.

Oh, and I launched a blog and this whole grass roots ministry thing we’re doing together trying to help you and anyone else who feels broken and tired and hopeless turn it around like I did.

One of the biggest questions I get by email and at our live events is this one:

“HOW. But seriously Sam, HOW did you do it? Like what exactly did you do and what do you still do?”

7 years later, I am sharing with you one of the projects that saved my life. This month I am releasing my first official-like big eBook thing: “The 30-Day Recklessly Alive Challenge.”

*Cue Applause*

Oh my gosh, thank you screaming, balloon banging excitement man. Imagine when he sees the cover. Second thought, we probably shouldn’t make him wait as he might explode or something:

What is the 30-Day Recklessly Alive Challenge you ask?

It’s only one of the greatest things I’ve ever come up with (besides Cheese Whiz Oreos). I didn’t know what I was creating when I had this crazy idea and it certainly didn’t have a spicy name and workbook like it does now.

But the premise was simple:

Do one thing everyday that either makes your life better or makes the world a better place. And photograph it.

That’s it.

Every day you plan to do one thing you wouldn’t have done and make a photo album of all the progress you are making.

You spend time intentionally dreaming about the things you want out of life—the things you never make time for and the adventures you never plan—and you actually do them. You cancel your Netflix, get your butt off the couch and start making life happen. You stop accepting that fallacy that your life is boring, pathetic or unimportant and get to work learning to love your life, maybe for the first time ever.

You stare fear in the face and give life everything you’ve got. So that’s what I did and it lasted for over 5 months. Now I’ve made an awesome resource to help you follow in my footsteps.

Here are the deets on the release:

  1. Thursday, December 13 6:30pm CST – Facebook Live & Instagram’s IGTV as I share more details about the book and the process.

  2. December 26 – RELEASE DAY – to celebrate the day after my attempt and to kick off the anniversary-ish day of when I came up with the idea.

  3. January 1st – I (along with anyone who will join me) am going to complete my own 30-Day Recklessly Alive Challenge to celebrate.

I am looking for 25 people to join me for the challenge. If selected, you will receive the eBook completely free. You can apply here.

If you are not selected, I would LOVE for you to join us anyway. I will be sharing a coupon code for 50% off the eBook to all my email subscribers for the first 25 purchases as a thank you to all of you for being a part of this community.

If you’re not subscribed to our email list, join below to receive upcoming blog posts (usually one email every 1-2 weeks) as we work together to make your life and the world a better place.

Also, make sure you’re following our Facebook and Instagram as we share inspiration and encouragement to brighten your day.

I can’t wait to share all the hard work I put into this eBook with you and to complete The 30-Day Recklessly Alive Challenge with you!

Remember, life always can and will get better. In this together.


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