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Share This Video!

Hey Team!

It’s happening.

The video was released last night on Facebook and has gathered over 5.5k views in 24 hours! Can you believe that? 5,500 people seeing this message of love and hope. 5,500  people engaging in a conversation about suicide and letting the people in their lives know they are loved and needed.

Will you help keep that momentum going?

Share and like this Facebook post right now! Feel free to add me as a friend while you’re there.

You could share the Youtube link if you’d rather.

Let’s keep the views coming! Let’s let everyone know they are not alone in their fight. Someone you know needs to see this message and we have to find a way to get it to them. Ask your friends and family to share the video as well.

Thank you all for everything you have done to support this blog and ministry! God is moving in me. He’s giving me the strength and courage to continue sending light into the darkness, but I can’t do it alone.

Let’s save lives together. Let’s do this!


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