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How Can I Help Project Days 26-30

Wondering what the heck this is all about? Visit my original post here to learn more about this crazy thing I invented called the #HowCanIHelpProject. You can also see who I helped on Days 1 -5, Days 6-11, Days 12-18, or days 19-25. Subscribe on the right hand side to get my posts by email! Follow me on Instgram @aliverecklessly or Twitter @aliverecklessly to see my daily progress.

Day 26 – Sunday, April 26th


Three months ago, my friend Sandy and I started a Children’s Choir at our church for kids in grades 3-6. We have been practicing three times a month since February and Sunday was our big premiere!  I also was super blessed to get to play on the worship team as we celebrated the next generation in our church! The kids killed it! So proud of them.

“We are the saints, we are the children, we’ve been redeemed, we’ve been forgiven, we are the sons and the daughters of our God.” – Children of God by Third Day

Day 27 – Monday, April 27th


Tonight I Skyped with an incredible professional blogger and have been working on the blog stuff all night. I blog because I love people and I am addicted to getting notes like this one. I started crying when I read this message from my new friend. I am praying for her everyday as she starts an incredible journey of walking with God! 

Day 28 – Tuesday, April 28th


Today I acknowledge the big and small ways I help my (over) 600 students every week. I spent part of my lunch with a boy who was crying and just needed a hug. This note is from a student I’ve been giving free guitar lessons to after school. Even on my worst day, I love my students so much.

Day 29 – Wednesday, April 29


My mentees at church made this for me last night. The inside was the entire book of Green Eggs and Ham because most of the time Dr Seuss can explain our feelings way better than we can. 

Day 30 – Thursday, April 30


Tonight was one of my favorite nights of my whole career. For 3 years I’ve been working to start an auditioned, all-district choir in my district. This year it finally happened and it has been a dream come true! The kids and parents were incredibly thankful that we provided this experience for some of the best young musicians around to come and make incredible music together. It was the perfect an to an amazing month.


One of my dear friends has decided to join me and start her own #howcanIhelpproject! I would be so thankful if you would share my video or posts to help get the word out and inspire other people to take action in their communities.

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