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How Can I Help Project Final Video

As many of you know, in April I invented something called the How Can I Help Project (click here to see the original video and post) and pledged to help one person every single day for an entire month. I posted the video on Facebook and on Craigslist.

The result was unbelievably awesome (and only a little stressful) I met beautiful strangers and got to be a part of their story. I also got to serve and hangout with my awesome friends and family. The best part was I spent an entire month not focusing on me and my struggles, but helping all the people around me.

Thanks to everyone who supported my project. Please share my video and help me get the word out about this project in hopes to inspire other people to help those around them.

“You see, life isn’t really about all the great stuff you have or the awesome things you’ve accomplished, it’s about helping someone, making their life a little better, making this world a better place. And once you figure that out, there’s nothing that can stop you.”

You don’t have to change the whole world to make a difference, just one small part of it.

To read more about each individual day, click the posts below.

Click here or the video below to see the final video.

Featured in my music playlist, “Difference Maker.”


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