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The “How Can I Help” Project

My mind raced as the warm March pavement blurred beneath my angry running shoes. Deep in my stomach I felt completely unsettled, like my life plans had eaten a Fiery Habanero Taco Bell Burrito and I was paying the consequence. Lately, life has just kind of… sucked.

Quietly I’ve been struggling through a really difficult year. I’ve been angry, really angry. I’ve been prideful and sad. I haven’t consistently felt alive – which is the whole point of this blog thing I do. Last week, as in all inspiring stories about 26 year old’s who still have acne, I looked at myself in the mirror and said, “get it together.”

so here goes.

Beneath my struggle is ANGER, oceans of anger in a number of areas, but most specifically at a few churches for all the hours I had served and yet, in my hours of need I was ignored, lied to, and under appreciated. On my run I suddenly realized that these struggles were not what was truest about me. Then, a desperate pray left my heart and slowly floated up towards the sky like lost balloon:

God, remind me who I am. Help me release this frustration and get back to what is truest about me.

A few steps later, I remembered this incredible quote by Ghandi:

The best way to find yourself is in service to others.

Perhaps, I was spending too much energy on the failures of the church instead of focusing on my true desire to be a part of The Church – that is leading a life that points people to Jesus. And then it hit me like a falling piano from three stories above:

What if I committed to helping one person, every single day for the month of April?

What might change in my attitude towards the world?

What new experiences my God have for me if I step out in faith?

I went home and immediately made this video:

Then I chickened out for a few days. Now I’m going for it. So my friends I ask you:

How Can I Help?

Seriously. Send me an email or leave a comment below. Help share this video to get the word out. Let me know if you or I am also putting this video on Craigslist (yikes!) as I commit to sending out as much love and service out into the universe as possible. I want to find a crazy combination of helping people I know and complete strangers.

Please pray for me during this next crazy adventure. See you in 30 days!

Love, Sam

Now that the project is finished, click the posts below to read about my progress:


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Today’s song is Do Something by Matthew West. Check it out on my Spotify Playlist, Difference Maker.

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